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Amazonite: This green and white stone is about truth, communication and appropriate boundaries, assisting a person in moving beyond fear of confrontation. Speaking and living one’s truth for the greater good and action in conjunction with your higher truth and integrity as well as discernment of assisting self and others in perceiving truth. Known for its filtering attributes, Amazonite cleanses polluting energies for objects and environments, as well as filtering information processed through the brain and then partners it with intuition.

Amber: Amber is a tree resin that solidified and becomes fossilized and reflects the very beginnings of the planet. Classical poets described amber as the tears of the gods, or essence of the setting sun’s rays washed upon the shore. Due to its natural warmth, it was regarded by many cultures as a living entity. In folklore the Chinese believed that the souls of tigers transformed into Amber when they died. It has powerful connections to the earth, is a grounding stone for higher vibrational energies. It refreshes an environment by drawing off polluted energies, as well as extracting disease from the physical body. When absorbing negative energies, they are transformed into positive energy that assist the body in healing itself. Its protective element creates a shield for healers, preventing them from taking on their clients’ pain and issues.

Amethyst: In Roman Folklore, it was professed that Amethyst was ground into powder and added to wine to prevent drunkenness. Amethyst is derived from the Greek word “to be intoxicated.” Amethyst is called the stone of sobriety. This stone affects a balance of highs and lows in emotions, calming the mind encouraging focused thinking, assimilation of new ideas, as well embracing issues in regard to cause and effect more clearly. It purifies the aura, assisting one in coming to terms with loss, and the transitions that come with the death of the physical body. Opening multidimensional awareness, nurturing selflessness, Amethyst allows one to be in touch with one’s own spiritual wisdom.

Apophyllite: This brilliant, light producing stone is known as the stone of truth. Apophyllite assist in keeping the soul seated firmly in the physical body, allowing it to realize its highest potential in its present life on the earth. It encourages release of negative patterns, blockages, and imbalances, which promotes self-reflection in order for one to peel away facades, and the openness to see their true beauty and essence.

Apophyllite Points: These brilliant points bring clarity and illumination to a person’s inner landscape as well as to an exterior environment. It dissipates negative energy and imbues the environment with universal light. Apophyllite possesses a high vibratory resonance which supports meditation and channeling.

Aquamarine: This gemstone comes from the Latin word for sea water. It hails as a variety from the Beryl family. Folklore connects aquamarine to the magic and myth of the sea, and its water element of emotion. Balancing and aligning the chakras, connecting both the physical and etheric bodies, activating the throat chakra, lending one the courage to speak ones’ truth in a peaceful and balanced manner are some of the wonderful attributes of this beauty. This stone of courage, compassion and communication assists in releasing the hidden power of the sea (subconscious). Its lovely energy is affiliated with the Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin.

Astrophyllite: This richly colored stone is a full spectrum of personal empowerment! It allows you to step outside yourself, in order to view yourself objectively, illuminating the fact that you have no limits. It assists one in activating your dreams, illuminating your soul’s path. It shows you the way forward in order to complete projects and the realization that when one door closes, a new one always opens. Astrophyllite is an inspirational stone that also helps one be more aware of the unspoken needs of others.

Atlantisite (Stitchtite and Serpentine): Due to it aesthetically pleasing nature, the rich hues of purple and green of this gemstone, are a wonderful choice to grace a special living area. Atlantisite brings a calm and tranquility to a space allowing one to be gentle with one’s self and others. Serpentine assists the rise of kundalini life force energy in and through the heart chakra. The recipient gains an expansion of awareness in the emotional aspects of life. A great facilitator for the earth in many ways; i.e. storing the natural history of the world, and acting as an energetic midwife for the planet. It promotes gazing into the future, with enthusiasm for manifesting the potential of the Divine, and the unfoldment of the earth. The Stitchtite component brings love and cooperation, clearing the entire auric field and all chakras. It assists in calling upon one’s guides in good times as well as difficult. The synergy of the two stones is excellent for business, especially in egg form, as it represents fertility and creativity, lending a fresh energy to any endeavor.

Aventurine, Green: This lovely heart centered stone, clears, activates and protects the heart. It emotionally stabilizes one’s emotions in times of change. It’s fresh and blossoming energy brings renewal to all levels of “being”; spiritual, emotional, physical. It brings an overall feeling of well-being, as well as balance to the male-female energies. It is a regulator of the significant growth period between the time of birth and age seven, when a spirit becomes fully vested in a human body. Leadership qualities are reinforced, as well as attributes of compassion, empathy, and support of perseverance

Azurite: Azurite was named for its color, azure blue. It was used to make pigments called “mountain blue” and “Armenian stone”. Azurite has a shifting, transformative quality that stimulates deep layers of consciousness, increasing intuition, creativity, and inspiration. It has the ability to smooth over and transform difficult and unbending situations, bringing acceptance and insight at deep healing levels. This dark blue mineral enables deep stresses to be released. In folklore, Azurite is heralded as useful for general healing, a cancer preventative, as well as issues with the liver, joints, depression and the skin. It regulates just the appropriate amount of energy flow to a situation.

Carnelian: Gorgeous shades of red and orange, bring an energetic vitality, stimulating creativity on all levels. Its fiery character invokes courage, positive self-messaging, abundance on all levels both personally and in business. This stone supports the soul’s journey, eliminating anger-related issues, encouraging vitality of the physical body, as well as the definition of one’s character and integrity. It is a powerful protector from harmful forces as well as highly effective for grounding. Carnelian also has the capacity to clear other stones.

Celestite: The sparkling sky blue stone is excellent for dream recall and astral traveling. Place it in a space where you might meditate or sleep as it cools fiery emotions. Calming and centering to the mind, Celestite engenders clarity, promoting flowing communication. Celestite is also known to replace pain with loving gentle light.

Chevron Amethyst: This is one of the most superb 3rd eye stimulators, which enhances inner vision of the unknown realms of the self, as well as outer, physical realms of the exterior worlds. It brings forth teaching in the realm of spiritual healing. It is an extremely insightful gemstone for reading auras and dispelling all adverse energy. Placing this gemstone on any chakra, releases all tensions and unwanted energy within the chakra. It assists one to discover and apply a positive resolution to any difficulty. Further attributes of Chevron Amethyst are bringing into balance all bodily organs, and boosting the energy of the immune system.

Chinese Flourite: The stunning layered hues of purple, green and (often) blue assist one in assessing and navigating their inner landscape, bringing calm to the mind, eliminating mental and physical negativity. It also has the capacity to clear negativity from a space, healing and protecting against disease and affecting ordered thinking.

Chrysanthumum Stone: This stone of prosperity, grounding, good fortune and manifestation of all things, assisting in breaking through obstacles to abundance. Its primal creative energy, bursts forth via its bursts of beautiful flower-like patterns. The promotion of harmony provides clarity and renewal of relationship, amplifying the positive. It is an excellent stone to promote abundance on all levels, particularly in business settings

Chrysocolla: This amazing goddess energy facilitates one in communicating with spiritual energies residing on the earth. It relieves heartache, providing great inner strength, and serenity, in order to persevere in challenging times. At the solar plexus level it release negative patterning, giving way to the throat chakra lending wise discernment for appropriate timing to speak, and assisting communication flow. At the heart level, it increases the ability to love, and heal emotional wounds. At the crown level it expands psychic abilities.

Chrysoprase: The power of this stone brings good fortune and prosperity, as well as business success. It facilitates self-expression, courage and the ability to use them wisely. It enhances and strengthens friendships, balances the yin/yang energies, mends broken hearts, and reverses both inferiority and superiority mindsets. It assists in removing negative thinking and irritability, bringing about a happy state of being.

Citrine, Natural: This stone is self-clearing, and embodies the vibrancy and joy of life. Energetically, Citrine carries the flow of abundance in life, especially known for being a success stone in business realms. It has powerful cleansing abilities in environments as well as removing negative, destructive emotional qualities such as self-doubt and depression. This stone engenders emotional balance, bringing the flow of feelings through self-expression, self-confidence, bolstered self-esteem, and releasing the past. Citrine encourages exploring every possibility in order to come to the best solution in a given issue. In folklore it is said to dissipate nightmares. It activates the second and third chakras, aids in digestion and intellectual functions, as well as detoxifying the auric field and physical body.

Citrine, Heated: This form of citrine is about establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. It is highly stimulating to the third chakra, where the essence of the will is rooted. Heated Citrine is fantastic for people having difficulty saying “No”, and being clear about what is and is not acceptable. It brings vibrant, positive light to the auric field facilitating release of negative energies. Identifying the obstacles to manifesting abundance and prosperity, Citrine assists one in discerning what they wish to manifest.

Clevelandite: Rich, and creamy white in color, Clevelandite lends courage and confidence to confronting the unknown. It brings the conception of one’s plans, their structure, and fruition of their perfection into being. Also, brings the initiation of and safe passage of one’s journeys. It calms and quiets, allowing one to be in tandem with one’s light meditation, allowing regression back into past lives, revealing hidden and repressed memories, freeing the soul to move forward in its journey.

Danburite: This sparkling, angelic realm heart healer, enhances function of all chakras, gently detoxifies and energizes the physical body. It encourages one to open their heart, connecting with angelic realm beings, enhancing channeling abilities. Patience, and tolerance with difficult people and situations, as well as assisting with releasing and resolving karmic issues, are some of the attributes of Danburite.

Fulgurites: This natural glass is usually tubular in shape and is the result of and or rock being struck by lightning. Native Americans use them to cloudbust (bring rain), and also used as a charm to protect against lightning. Native Americans are attuned to Nature. This leadership stone brings about clear communication in the physical planes, as well as extra-terrestrial and spirit worlds. Fulgurites are high vibrational energy formations due to the nature of their creation and as such are highly acclaimed for their ability to direct and channel energy.

Gaspeite: This gorgeous green stone hails from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This rich green beauty glows brightly in contrast to the deep brown matrix upon which it grows. Accepting integration within one’s physical form is a beautiful attribute of Gaspeite. Other qualities encompassed are relieving stress in the body, the ability to release energy that is encapsulated in matter, and transform it into a vibratory energy that embraces more spiritual issues. Streamlining the body as well as one’s material possessions, and allowing one to appreciate and experience abundance on many levels, are further attributes of this fresh green Australian beauty.

Hematite: Hematite is extremely effective for grounding a person, this leads to clear focus and the ability to balance energetic polarities and manifest on the physical plane. It eliminates negativity, stabilizes and harmonizes mind, body and spirit. Its grounding energy, assists in bringing calm and focus to the mind, allowing an increase in the effectiveness of logical information to be processed in the brain. Hematite promotes self-confidence, common sense, composure, and organization.

Hemimorphite: This light activator gemstone, facilitates illumination to the third eye, crown chakras, enabling the removal of obstructions, promoting a purer quality of energetic vibration to the body. Healing of karmic ties, release of resentment and anger, aids in truthful emotional expression, which in turn builds positive communication in relationships. It is especially useful in restoring harmony to hormonal imbalance issues as well as healing in the physical body on many levels.

Herkimer Diamonds: These high vibrational stones are excellent for dream work, astral traveling, establishing and maintaining dimensional portals. Gridding with Herkimers brings purification to a person or space, efficiently assisting in clearing blockages and debris in one’s auric field, as well as resistance to spiritual growth. Their brilliance brings illumination when delving deeply into one’s self, bringing clarity to your purpose, and activating the light body. Herkimer Diamonds are powerful attunement tools as well as, soul shields in doing any spiritual work, especially soul retrieval. Herkimers are also useful in blocking geopathic stress and clearing electromagnetic pollution.

Labradorite: The lesson of this stone is never to assume. It assists one in taking a look at what you have in relationship and appreciating it. It instigates rapid frequency shifts enabling the chakras to flow easily between dimensional states. Blockages can be rapidly removed with new behavior patterns established that suit the person more appropriately. It is a protective stone that prevents energetic drain, and reduces codependency. Surprise, transformation, transmutation are some descriptors of this magical stone. Labradorite can bring sudden change of circumstance, promoting revival of a situation gone stagnant, bringing a positive resolution.

Lapis Lazuli: Imbedded with golden veins, its rich royal blue stone encourages one to take charge of their life. Maat, goddess of truth and balance, invoked the power of justice. When ground up, and made into powder, the pigment was known as ultramarine. This protective stone, connects one with their spirit guides, and returns negative energies back to their originating source. Spiritual qualities of deep silence and perspective, assist in manifesting profound inspiration and intuition. Access to universal truth and balance, take one beyond the individual concepts of right and wrong. All energies flow easily from this stone with honesty, direct communication and clarity. Deep self-knowledge is brought to the surface by utilizing this third eye stimulator.

Lazulite: The blue tone of this stone produces a deep sense of tranquility, is referred to as a stone of Heaven. It is undiluted cosmic energy and brings about profound states of clear meditation, through clear connection with one’s inner landscape. It is particularly useful in bringing a productive result to matters being mediated involving conflict.

Malachite: Has long been revered by the ancients from Egypt to Peru for its vivid color. It was highly sought after for jewelry and was also powdered and applied to the face as a ritual adornment. Its rich green color has been long associated with the heart chakra. This stone of transformation is transitional and empowering, encouraging assertive action and appropriate boundaries. Protection, clarity and confidence are attributes of this rich green stone that is a healer of the heart.

Moldavite: Moldavites are members of a mysterious mineral group known as tektites. They are found exclusively in a small area in the Czech Republic where they were formed over 15 million years ago. Moldavite is often referenced as extra-terrestrial stone or green meteorite. Many have experienced other-world sensations and feelings of expanded awareness. These green beauties amplify the qualities of any stone within their proximity. It is profound catalyst for important life change, through heart activation, engendering illumination of one’s personal journey and an appreciation for existence.

Mookiate: Originating from Mooka Station in the Gasgoine region of Western Australia, this gorgeous "painted" stone with desert colors ranging from pastel to vibrant, is a must have in any collection. I refer to this beauty, as the "All Nations" stone. It is a unifier, bringing people from varying perspectives together, resulting in harmony and positive resolution to the issues/task/objective at hand. It is a great stone of sentiment to give as a gift from one friend to another. This stone is gentle, yet strong in its ability to provide grounding, bonding and blending of people. It has a protective element in regard to the emotional component of relationship(s). In addition, the beautiful landscapes of this stone, provides a flowing energetic for walking meditation. Mookiate is associated with the lower chakras and it is a great fortifier of the immune system

Moonstone: This sweet energy calms reactiveness, enhances feminine energies, intuition and pregnancy. It is protective, especially during childbirth and is associated with the moon and its cycles, therefore it aids in hormonal issues, menstrual issues. This heart chakra stone is associated with love of all kinds.

Moonstone, Rainbow: This variety brings a full spectrum of light. Compassion, intuition, creativity, inner confidence and endurance are attributes of this gentle shimmering stone. It brings harmony and balance and in mythology it is said to be able to make wishes come true.

Obsidian, Rainbow: This stone is the stone of sincerity, dealing with heart and emotion. It helps cut the cord of an old love, gently and cleanly, as well as kindling the sparks of new love. This is a good grounding mineral, that is excellent for centering oneself. It is a higher relationship stone, and is best when it is kept with a loved one or their likeness (picture), reflecting their love or affection for the relationship.

Opal, Boulder, Australian: It is found in the desert of Queensland, a region which is very harsh. It represents purity and intensity. The assistance in emotional and mental balance, calms the inner soul. This is an excellent stone for progress, expansion, and development of ones’ spiritual journey. This Australian gem helps one connect the conscious and subconscious, providing for a clearing understanding of oneself. It facilitates communication between the Earth plane and the star people of this world and other worlds. The aura is brightened through cleansing, stimulating healing. It has been used to access spiritual and animal guides. It has been used in medicine-wheel ceremony to stabilize energy

Opal, Oregon: The richly textured landscape of this spectacular gemstone demonstrates the joyful possibilities in life. It is highly spiritual stone which allows one to discover our own self-deception, as well as lies and deception of others. It is extremely effective in the release of old grief and trauma, clearing the emotional body, and amplifying the full spectrum of positive emotions. Opals are karmic stones in nature, exemplifying that what you give you will receive in return. Being centered in the use of opal is essential. It also is a healer of the earth’s energetic field. It strengthens human life force as well.

Prehnite, Australian: This stone is found on most continents. I personally have an affinity for the Australian variety. I find it to be a much more active, flowing and vibrant energy through its beautifully intense range of green and yellow hues. It is known as Aboriginal dreaming stone. The Aboriginals utilized Prehnite to walk between the spirit worlds beyond the veil. A rare form of Prehnite has a white flower within the fibrous makeup of the stone. The white flower signifies the purity and understanding of the dream. The flower is the dream within the dream...the connection of the message of the dream, with the inner realm of the spirit. It emphasizes the need for the complete understanding of the purpose and power of what dreams communicate to us. This beautiful stone is the conduit to journeying inward, experiencing our inner landscape, bringing us to our center and truth...we are all one, there is no separation.

Pyrite: Known also as Fool’s Gold or Healer’s Gold, this powerfully protective stone is wonderful for grounding. This stone is a superb energy protector, cleansing negative energy like a filter on all levels. Pyrite support prevents leaks from the etheric, as well as, physical bodies. It is a stone of and for the mind and intellect. It assists with clearing confusion, enhancing creativity on all levels, memory, as well as development of psychic abilities. Mental stability, organization, logic, and analysis are several of the areas that this stone assists.

Pyrite Suns: These forms are natural crystals from around the world. They are particularly good for ordered thought. They, like the pyrite cubes and pyramids, help focus and pull concentration together. In its mimic of Gold, Pyrite can be carried to attract wealth and is used in many money spells. It can be carried or placed strategically to shielded against negative energies or use its' essence and color in imagining a golden protective sphere around yourself or your loved ones. In either case, do not be surprised if, while surrounded, in its’ radiant glow, suddenly come up with one or two more brilliant and creative ideas. No worries, though, Pyrite will help you see them through to completion.

Quartz, Growth Interference (Russian): This unusual crystal growth pattern results from different minerals vying for the limited physical space during their formation. One of the mineral families dissolves leaving the other (quartz) with markings similar to a chainsaw pattern. It allows one to penetrate the exterior layers of a difficulty or enigma, revealing the essence of the issue to come to light, as well as the insight for appropriate resolution. This stone of balance provides awakening to our true potential as human beings.

Quartz, Rose: This sweet and gentle stone, brings, peace, reconciliation, attracts love, promotes self-love, self-trust, and harmony. Rose Quartz attracts love on all levels and enhances love and affinity in existing relationships. A teacher of self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, bringing an elevation in self-worth. It is a stone of powerful emotional healing, instilling a loving vibration, and eliminating negative energy. Rose quartz is excellent for a traumatic situation, bringing a soothing tone, and gentle tonic for stressful emotional wounds involving fear, anger, grief, shock. This high vibrational heart centered stone is a basic must-have in any healer’s kit and any household.

Quartz, Smokey: This quartz is an extremely powerful clearing crystal for both the auric field and any physical environment. Its grounding energies connect us to the earth and allows one to heighten their energetic vibration. Its protective and cleansing attributes creates a fresh, and creative environment in which to manifest one's own reality. This stone is associated with the root chakra. It is referred to as the good luck stone, and can assist with tapping into subconscious wisdom. Due to its veiled nature, it's smokiness, this quartz does not reveal all of its mysteries.

Rhodonite: It is known as a stone of grace, unconditional love and service to one’s fellow man. This stone of personal growth brings emotional balance, and confidence through the release of anger. It’s calming affectation facilitates the healing of issues around abuse and trauma. It vibrant pink color attracts a good and passionate partner, while the black anchors and grounds the relationship for long term sustainability.

Septarian: This nurturing stone’s energy cares for the earth, ourselves, and others. It is wonderful for re-patterning behavior and emotions that no longer serve a positive purpose. Encouraging one in speaking to a group and assisting in making each person feel valued, and included in the communication, are some of the attractive attributes of this stone. It also channels the body to be able to utilize its own healing potential. An excellent stone for depression as it inspires personal insight in order to be motivated to act for one’s own healing.

Seraphinite: This Russian beauty, hailing from Siberia, with “silvery” feathers within the rich green depths of the stone, is a higher vibrational stone that works with the crown chakra. It is an all around constitutional “tonic” that works, in general, with patterning in the body that causes disease, allowing a restoration of wholeness on all levels. As its name implies, this gorgeous stone allows one a splendid connection to the angelic realms.

Sodalite: Deeply rich in blue and white hues, Sodalite is a wonderful stone for processing shadow side issues, encouraging self-esteem, trust in oneself, including relationship with others. It assists in the determination of were ones’ path lies on their journey. Sodalite instills a sense of being true to yourself and creating an arena to put new insights in motion, as well as release rigid thought patterns.

Tiffany Stone: Unique and dazzling describe this gorgeous and hard to find third eye gem. It is useful in information in a variety of ways, including telepathic, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and channeling. It supports and encourages emotional stability as well as bringing hidden feelings to the surface. It is also a very beneficial stone for success in business.

Tiger Iron: The biggest and best of Tiger Iron is found in Pilbara Region of Western Australia. Sometimes called muggle stone, it is a combination of hematite, red jasper and sometimes yellow jasper or golden tiger eye. This protective and grounding gem, works with the lower three chakras. Its’ properties enhance creativity through meditation, stimulates motivation, and is a stone of clarity especially of knowledge. It allows the truth to surface in regard to hidden issues below the surface. Tiger Iron promotes artistic abilities, confidence, vitality, strength, will power and balance. Balancing white and red blood cells, increasing natural steroids, muscular structure, sexual organs, liver and nervous system are some of the attributes touted in this chatoyant stone.

Variscite: This glorious green stone emanates a wonderful earth energy. A sacred stone, for working with the keepers of the earth, and gleaning their wisdom. Its distinctive markings, resemble tracks across the land and has been used in sacred ceremonies involving the land in Aboriginal and Native American tribes. It raises one’s social confidence, enhances abundance in the home, and grounds an unstable setting. Variscite engenders a positive mindset, bringing clarity, open-mindedness, as well as one being open to self-love. It calms and balances the nervous system and the physical body.

Zebra Rock: Approximately 600 million years old and hailing from the East Kimberley region of Western Australia, and is viewed as one of the “father rocks” and is viewed as an ancient assembler of emotions The best sites found to date are found under Lake Argyle. Its unusual appearance comes from stratified clay stone or shale. It assists with compassion and understanding, allowing one to see beyond the superficial. It stimulates physical energy, rallies emotions, nurturing relationships and bringing understanding to any situation. This desert stone is considered a stone of luck. It has been used in the treatment of bone loss to ameliorate degeneration of the teeth and gums, for the dryness of skin, and to assist in the alleviation of muscles spasms, heart palpations and vitamin deficiencies.






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